Jessika Parman was born in California and raised along the United States west coast, Jessika was born for the outdoors. No really, her parents met on the movie set of, "The Great Outdoors."

Jessika loves adventure. She can be found off-roading in her Jeep or CanAm Ryker Rally, Adventuring throughout the mountains, or paddle boarding at the lake. One thing is for sure, she will always bring snacks and sarcasm.

While her passion for the outdoors was always at the forefront of her doings, the idea of capturing it and posting it for the world to see is a relatively newer idea. With the onset of Covid in 2020, Jessika took to the outdoors, like so many others. Jessika and her husband, Ryan, were living in Washington during this time, so the opportunity to hike throughout the Cascade mountain range was at her feet. 

After hiking around the Snoqualmie waterfalls area, Jessika quickly realized that this type of adventure was missing from her life and she needed to find a way to get more of it.

One facebook post about seeing if anyone else wanted to go hiking with her later, she had sparked the passion within her hiking friends to continue chasing the hiking high and the next hike was set for the following weekend. 

From there, a Facebook group was created called, "Plus Sized Hikers", and a community had been created. Wait, no. A community had been ignited! The spark was lit within so many beautiful souls who felt the same fiery need - to get outside no matter your age, weight, race, disability, sex, etc. A safe place for people of all walks of life to share their wins and struggles with being outdoors. 

Jessika, her husband, Ryan, along with their two Great Danes and Chihuahua decided that moving to a warmer climate was ultimately their goal. Washington was incredibly beautiful, but the copious amounts of rain was finally starting to wear on Jessika. They ultimately decided to move to northern Colorado in May 2021

After getting settled into Colorado, Jessika was finally able to afford the Jeep Wrangler she had always wanted. Gypsy, is a 2017 2-door Jeep Rubicon that is sparkly Crystal Granite Gray with red and retro accent vibes.  

In 2023, Jessika added Rogue to her arsenal. Rogue is a 2023 CanAm Ryker Rally edition. She is a 3-wheel off-road motorcycle that has 82hp, a 900cc Rotax engine and an automatic CVT transmission so no shifting. 

Follow Jessika in and out of Colorado on her Jeep and motorcycle to see what kind of adventures she is up to next.